Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thank you Twitter!

Thank you Twitter! It has been great to connect with supporters and skeptics.

We are proud to have found supporters on Twitter from all sides of the political spectrum: left wing, right wing, and anti wing. Our non-partisan purple ideas have something to offer to every political persuasion. Crowd Funded Government focuses just on the public policy decisions without preference to your politics.

Skepticism is welcomed and appreciated! Convince us that our current system of involuntary taxation for opaque government programs is acceptable. A voluntary and transparent Crowd Funded Government is the future, and we will make it happen.

Due to the responsibility of responding to a busy summer of flooding in Chicago, we haven't had a lot of free time to produce blog content and to speak in public about Crowd Funded Government. Fortunately, Twitter has allowed us to quickly spread the message 140 characters at a time in the limited time that we have available, but we can and will do so much more.

As time allows, expect more blog posts and public appearences. Rest assured that the best has yet to come for the Crowd Funded Government movement.

Thank you all for your continued support, and more importantly, thank you for your continued skepticism. Please keep the questions coming!