Saturday, August 19, 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #1000 - Joey Diaz

Joe Rogan often seems to be on the cusp of describing Crowd Funded Government. In the "On Deck" section of this website, I have a few videos of Mr. Rogan's that I will discuss in future blog posts.

However, this one takes the cake, and deserves an immediate post. In Mr. Rogan's 1000th episode with Joey Diaz and Tom Segura, Mr. Rogan describes a generalized version of Crowd Funded Government starting about 16 minutes into the podcast.

Mr. Rogan first describes the ruthless nature of involuntary taxation. Under our current system, we are threatened with imprisonment ("they will put you in a cage") if we don't pay our tax bills.

The Crowd Funded Government system would instead collect these funds voluntarily. Involuntary taxation that takes money for government programs that you would otherwise voluntarily contribute less to is theft.

Mr. Rogan then describes our current system of taxation as servitude to "Big Daddy." He correctly inquires, "Why do we let any thing be Big Daddy? . . . No person should ever be Big Daddy."

Mr. Rogan finally lays out one of the principal arguments of the Crowd Funded Government movement: the right of the taxpayers to choose which government programs they fund by simply "checking off boxes."

Checking off boxes is exactly how the Crowd Funded Government system would function. If you support certain government programs, then check the boxes and choose the amount to give. If you don't support certain government programs, then leave it up to others who are more passionate to fund those programs. Your taxes should not be stolen from you to support government programs that you don't support.

As Mr. Segura describes, accountability levels of government programs are currently very low. He believes that government should be "mandated to explain in detail what they're doing and what they're spending on."

For every government program, Crowd Funded Government would provide:
1. the specific laws that authorize the objectives of that specific program,
2. the labor, material, equipment, and assets required to accomplish the objectives if 100% of the requested budget is received, and
3. the variations in the program if less than 100% of the requested budget is received.

Thank you Mr. Rogan for spreading the message of Crowd Funded Government! It's great to be reminded that the logic behind Crowd Funded Government is out there and is waiting for a group that is passionate enough to make it a reality. Crowd Funded Government is that group, and is spreading the message every day.