Sunday, July 30, 2017

What About Uninformed or Inactive Citizens?

Brian Johnson submitted a great comment today regarding uninformed or inactive citizens in the comments section on the FAQ page. Thank you to Brian for the thoughtful questions.

Please step up to the plate and convince me that the status quo is better than Crowd Funded Government. If Crowd Funded Government is the truth, then it should not fear the light.

Brian Johnson
July 29, 2017 at 3:23 PM

I feel that this system would require our population to be generally more informed and more active. Considering most of our population doesn't even vote, and the ones who do in many cases aren't even fully informed about what they have voted for, this presents an interesting question on how those uninformed and inactive citizens will properly fund this government. How do we trust that our citizens will be making informed financial decisions in the best interest of all, and that all will participle. I know I do the best I can to educate myself, but I have a full time job, I don't have the time to be my own politician too, that's why I vote.

Crowd Funded Government
July 30, 2017

Thank you for bringing up a topic that I have been thinking about lately. I haven't had the chance to put my thoughts on this topic down in an organized fashion, but I'll put together a quick summary. Eventually, I'll take this reply, make it more readable, and then add it to the FAQ because I discuss it often.

Two assumptions that I am making when advocating for Crowd Funded Government are:

1. Most citizens are only informed and passionate about certain topics.
Citizens will analyze potential government projects using their unique knowledge to help direct those that are less informed to make informed decisions. Crowd sourcing our knowledge and interests will lead to a citizenry that is informed and ready to fund projects that they support.

2. Citizens are more intelligent than our daily anecdotes indicate.

Yes, we all have anecdotes about some people making poor choices. That does not mean that everyone is "stupid." I hate when people tell me that people are too "stupid" for Crowd Funded Government. I have never met anyone who is "stupid." Everyone has unique talents and abilities. Crowd Funded Government will harness everyone's interests and opinions and combine them to create a government that actually delivers what we want.

One option, if citizens choose to deliberately remain ignorant, but still want to contribute to the government, must be made available, as much as it pains me to offer it. Everyone will have the option to support all projects by "clicking one box." Just like today's taxation, you can give your money to all projects in the budget. I don't think that many citizens will choose to "click one box" if presented with an option to contribute more to their favorite programs and less to other projects, but that option must be available to ensure that everyone can easily contribute.

The best part of Crowd Funded Government is that everyone doesn't have to participate. If you choose to spend no money on government projects, you will instead choose to spend your money in the economy. Other people will receive your money and can then choose whether to spend it on the government projects that they support. The government would then truly be of the people, by the people, for the people.

Regarding your final point, politicians are still involved in this process. You still vote for politicians to write the laws and advocate for their favorite laws. Consider this: You dedicate several hours to tax preparation each year, or each month if you run a business. That time could be replaced with researching the various government programs that you're considering supporting.

You do have the time to participate. Your fellow citizens do have the intelligence needed to make informed decisions regarding which programs to fund. Thank you for your interest in Crowd Funded Government, and please don't hesitate to comment or Tweet me additional thoughts. If Crowd Funded Government is the truth, then it should not fear the light.