Friday, August 18, 2017

ImmodestPolitician In A Judge Judy Post On Reddit's r/aww

I saw a promising comment from ImmodestPolitician in a Reddit post about a dog on Judge Judy, so I took the opportunity to spread the message of Crowd Funded Government because I liked ImmodestPolitician's message. Even though it wasn't the appropriate forum for the discussion (rule 4 on r/aww was violated), it was great to have the discussion while it lasted. My final comment was removed almost immediately after posting, so below is the full conversation.

Thank you ImmodestPolitician for the feedback! I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation in a more appropriate forum.


Have you seen the political 'debate' recently?

For most people it's their POV and maybe parts of the POV of groups they identify with. Every other POV is obviously wrong and/or evil.

This is why I am trying to grow the Crowd Funded Government movement. We should all put our money where our mouths are and stop with the constant vilification of the "other" party.
"Why should I pay for schools, my kids go to private?"

Precisely. I know you meant that as a counter to this movement, but this is actually the right way to look at government spending and taxation.

We should allow everyone to be as selfish or as benevolent as they choose to. Involuntary taxation for causes that you don't support beyond the amount that you would pay voluntarily for government programs that you do support is theft. If you support theft, then I don't have an argument.


Yes, it's not important for the populace to be educated. It's not like education is an important factor for getting the jobs of the future./s

If everyone were educated then who would vote for Trump or the GOP?


If education is an important government program for the citizens, then they will voluntarily contribute more than we are currently budgeting and are involuntarily taxing.

I'm excited to see how much people actually want to contribute to education instead of more controversial ptograms like the border wall. Some love the wall and would contribute more if they easily could, but some HATE that their tax dollars go to it.

I see Crowd Funded Government as the ultimate bipartisan comprise and the future of government.

Would you prefer to take your border wall taxes and redistribute them to education and other programs that you do support instead? If so, welcome to the movement.

If not, I would like to hear why you think that voluntarily crowd funding government programs would be a bad idea.


That's sounds great, but obese people know they need to exercise and eat healthy but they don't. You can complain they are irresponsible, but the current systems makes everyone pay for their medical costs.

Everyone wants stuff but when it comes time to pay they don't. An education is not optional if you want workers that can compete internationally.

We had a toll road that made great money GA 400. The Tea Party(e.g. pseudo libertarian ) demographic that primarily wanted used GA 400 voted to not have to pay the toll anymore.

Your Crowd Funded idea requires people to be able to anticipate future needs and to care about their neighbors' children's children for the USA to continue to thrive.

That group with foresight and wisdom is very small.


I see that you didn't answer my question. Answer that question, and based on your Trump comment, you might reconsider my idea.

As a follow up, how does it make you feel that a fraction of every dollar that you make is stolen from you to support programs that you disagree with? Another follow up: Do you support theft if the robber has good intentions with the it still not theft?

As far as your concern that people are too selfish to voluntarily support their favorite government programs, on that we will have to respectfully disagree. You're telling me that people will only contribute to important government programs that they believe in if, and only if, threatened with imprisonment via involuntary taxation?

Do we need to be threatened with imprisonment to contribute to charities? Using your logic in your previous comment, please explain to me how are donations to charities are currently collected.

I think that Americans are willing and able to voluntarily pay for government programs that that they agree with. We just need to create the system and watch it thrive. Good programs that citizens support would get the funding that they need, while corrupt "pork" projects would get almost no funding.

Corporations would no longer be able to lobby the government to force taxpayers to support their projects. Someone would need to voluntarily contribute every dollar spent.